Payment Policies of Cornerstone Prep, LLC

Please read all of the payment policies. If you have any questions, contact us-we are happy to assist you.

Payment Submission

Total Payment of Services are due after the first free session. The office processes all payments; please do not give payments to tutors. At the time of signing up for tutoring, checks are accepted for the entire program chosen by the parent. Any valid credit card payment information must be provided, if paying by Square. Square accepts American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa. All credit cards are processed at the time of acceptance of services in full. You will receive a payment confirmation email to save as your receipt. If the transaction is declined and the office is not able to resolve it on the day of processing or the following business day, finance charges will be assessed for late payment.


Forty-eight (48) hours’ advance notice is required for cancellations. Without it, the regular fee applies. Our tutors’ time is valuable; they lead full, busy lives just like you. Your timely cancellation will also allow another student requiring help the opportunity to meet with a tutor. If you need to cancel a session, please call the tutor directly at least forty-eight (48) hours before the scheduled session. We understand that sometimes unexpected events occur; as a courtesy, Cornerstone Prep LLC Tutors discounts the first cancellation made less than forty-eight (48) hours in advance to half the normal fee. Our billed time increments are rounded to the nearest fifteen minutes.


Refunds are allowed up to three (3) sessions of services. Absolutely No refunds are accepted after three (3) sessions.