We follow the Official College Board material, yet we individualize it by delving into areas needing extra attention and strength. High School students have been known to excel by our individualized program with taking the ACT exam. Even ADHD students find our method extremely successful to doing well on the exam.

What is the ACT?

The ACT exam is one of the finest University accepted entrance exams. ACT is recognized as a leader in all Universities in the United States. It is important to note that Universities look very closely at the students Class Ranking and GPA scores. Universities look at the whole picture of the students efforts and potential. Our Tutors make sure students are aware of what the Universities look for to be accepted into the University of their dreams. Since the ACT Exam is the most widely recognized college acceptance exam, it is important to have ACT Test Prep.

Examples of What Some of Our Top Students have made

A 36 ACT score is the highest score students can achieve. Cornerstone Prep offers programs that help students get the best score possible. GPA is also a key park to college admission requirements. Keeping an average GPA is helpful in the consideration of college admissions. Methods of calculating GPA and class rank vary from school to school.





ACT Subject Test
Taking the ACT
Percent of Students ACT Exam

Common Obstacles Students face when taking the ACT

Some of the Common Obstacles of taking the ACT are easily handled with our help. Sometimes we internalize we are not Test Takers and place hurdles along the application and test. There are even students who feel they should go to the Family Traditional school that our parents attended and even brothers and sisters. At CornerStone Prep LLC, we calm your nerves about those fears. Cornerstone Prep LLC can assure you we will test students to see the talents and careers that they might enjoy. Working with students and parents to make you as happy as possible and to get into YOUR DREAM UNIVERSITY is our mission.

We Assist Students to Apply for Scholarships

Scholarships reduce the financial burdens and we are there to help you and your family pay for your education. RELAX and GET READY because HERE WE COME TO SOLVE THOSE OBSTACLES!

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